Practice Makes Perfect

Measure your Scrum knowledge and prepare for your exams.

Upgrade to official exam anytime you want.

Shake away exam jitters with our practice tests that ask the same questions from the official exam pool.

You will get a wide spectrum of questions for your chosen Scrum role, exposing blind spots you may have in your Scrum knowledge, and helping you gain confidence. This is a great way to get prepared for your official exam.

When ready, you can upgrade to official exam, continuing from where you've left off. Alternatively, you can choose to start from the beginning.


International Scrum Developer

Be able to successfully operate in any team that uses Scrum

Recommended for all developers and team members.


International Scrum Master

Enable your Scrum Team to realize its full potential.

Recommended for all project managers and team leaders.


International Scrum Product Owner

Direct what will be developed, shape the future of the products.

Recommended for anyone who will assume product level responsibility.

Practice Exam Fact Sheet

  • Number of Questions: 10
  • Source of Questions: The official exam pool.
  • Type of questions: Multiple choice
  • Open book: Yes, with links to related content in the book.
  • Pre-requisites: None
  • Language of the exam: English
  • Duration of the exam: No restrictions. Typically takes ½ hour.
  • Retakes: You can retake the practice exam until you feel you are ready for your official exam.
  • Upgrade: Upgrade to official exam, continue from where you've left off, or restart fresh.