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Last Updated March 2019, Version 1.2

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About the IST™ Program

As a certified International Scrum Trainer™, you will have a broad understanding of various Agile Methodologies and an in-depth knowledge on Scrum Framework in particular. You will have the authority to teach Scrum to others, and you will be empowered to organize in-person training sessions to train Scrum Developers (ISD), Scrum Masters (ISM) as well as Scrum Product Owners (ISPO).

If you are an employee; you will be able to train your co-workers and teams, which positions you as a subject-matter-expert in the Scrum domain. As a result, you will play an integral role (or take the lead) on your organization’s Agile transformation. This will provide you with an opportunity to interact with your organization’s Senior Leadership Team, and give them counsel on usage of Agile.

If you are an entrepreneur; you will be entitled to train others. This way, you can start and build your own business, help your community to acquire essential Scrum skills, grow your own personal network, and make money! Once you earn your IST certificate, you will have an option to partner with International Scrum Assembly to take your business to the next level.

Many of our Scrum Trainers start as a side business without quitting their jobs, generating an average of $35K a year as net incremental passive income. Sky is the limit for our full-time Scrum Trainers. If you want to learn more about how to partner with International Scrum Assembly™ to start your own business, contact us at

Finishing this program will give you access to a dedicated Trainer portal on our website.

Curriculum of the IST™ Program

Fundamentals of Scrum

Origins of Scrum - Learn what necessitated Scrum and what makes it essential today.
Scrum Values and Principles - Learn guiding principles and tenets of Scrum.
Scrum Activities - Discover how to apply Scrum practices such as daily stand ups.
Understanding User Stories - Learn how to interpret user stories that are created by your product owner.
Turning User Stories into Software - Learn how to make your code meet the acceptance criteria of the user story.
Using Scrum in International Teams - Find out how to effectively operate in an international Scrum Team.

Specific Responsibilities of the Scrum Master

Coaching Your Scrum Team - Learn how to mentor your team on best Scrum practices.
Blocking External Interferences - Learn how to maintain the focus of your team in the face of constant randomizations.
Removing Internal Blockers - Find out how you can make your team more self-sufficient.
Serving as a Leader - Learn how to share power and put the needs of your team first.
Managing Change - Discover how to embrace change and guide your team.
Competencies of Scrum Master - Learn most important virtues of being a great Scrum Master.

Specific Responsibilities of the Scrum Product Owner

Collaborating with Customers and Stakeholders - Learn how to be the single voice of your customers and all stakeholders.
Collaborating with the Scrum Team - Learn how to establish and maintain and productive relationship with your Scrum Team.
Defining and Enforcing an Acceptance Criteria - Discover how to build the right product and how to build it right.
Creating and Managing the Product Backlog - Understand how to make the right prioritization decisions.
Managing the Economics - Understand release level economics / sprint level ecomomics / product backlog economics.
Competencies of the Product Owner - Learn most important virtues of being a great Scrum Product Owner.

Leading Thoughts Behind Scrum Framework

How It All Comes Together - Learn how ISD, ISM and ISPO can work in harmony.
Get Ready for "Why" Questions - Learn the deciding factors and reasons for Scrum Framework's architecture.

IST™ Certification Data Sheet

  • Program Cost: $395 USD
  • Type of questions: Multiple choice
  • Number of questions: 55
  • Passing score: 45 correct answers
  • Open book: Yes, with links to related content in the book.
  • Pre-requisites: None
  • Language of the exam: English
  • Language of the certificate: English
  • Duration of the exam: No restrictions. Typically takes 2 hours.
  • Validity: 3 years
  • Repeats allowed if failed: Yes, up to 3 times.
  • Stress Free: Money-back guarantee if you can't prove you've learned Scrum within 30 days

Be the Leader

Scrum is how software is built today.

Be the leader in your organization who spearheads the Agile transformation by becoming an accredited Scrum Trainer.

Become More Visible

Have a big impact on Agile transformation.

Interact with the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) regularly in an advisory capacity.

Grow your network

Connect with more students and professionals than before.

Establish valuable connections accross the organization and in your community

Get Wealthy

Be your own boss.

Our part-time Scrum Trainers generate an average of $35,000 USD as yearly net incremental income. Our full-time Scrum Trainers have consistently increased their revenues year-over-year.

Be a Partner

Collaborate with us to teach Scrum to the world.

Partner up with International Scrum Assembly to take your business to the next level. Many of our Scrum Trainers had no business background. We are here to help.

Help the World

Make projects more efficient.

As more people learn scrum, more projects, and more companies, and more countries benefits from the time-proven effectiveness of the Scrum framework.

International Scrum Trainer™ certification by International Scrum Assembly offers by far the highest growth potential for your professional network compared to anything else you can do today.

Scrum Team Players Needed. Now.

All successful companies are either already using Scrum and Agile principles, or they are looking for team members who can take them there.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do your Scrum certification programs take to complete? How much time do I have to spend to get my certificate?

It is entirely up to you! Once you register; you will study the material we provided, you will take our exam, you will pass it after which you get your official Scrum certificate. For some of our students, this process takes one to three days, while for others it takes less than a day. It takes only a few hours for some of our students --those who are familiar with the Scrum Framework and ready to take the exam. So, it is totally up to you; how quick you would like to proceed based on your current knowledge and available time to pursue your Scrum certification. You have the total freedom to move at your own pace.

What happens if I fail the exam?

Henry Ford said “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently”. In case you fail the exam, we will first provide you with actionable feedback that helps you identify your knowledge gaps and corresponding sections in the training material. We will then re-activate your exam, for free, so that you can take your exam again when you are ready.

Do you have money-back guarantee?

Yes! We have 30 days money back guarantee. If you fail exams, or if you change your mind for whatever reason, you can cancel order and receive a full refund. Please keep in mind that processing refunds may take up to 5 business days.

Got more questions? Please visit our FAQ page or contact us via e-mail.