Daily Scrum

At the beginning of each day of the sprint, the Scrum Team members hold a time-boxed daily scrum meeting. This meeting ideally takes 15 minutes or less. It is part of the inspect-and-adapt activity. The daily scrum meeting is also known as daily stand-up because all team members are standing throughout the meeting to promote brevity. The Scrum Master facilitates the daily scrum during which each team member takes turns answering three main questions:

1.      What did I accomplish since the last daily scrum?

2.      What do I plan to do by the next daily scrum?

3.      What are the obstacles that can potentially prevent me from making progress?

By answering these basic questions, everyone becomes aware of everyone else and sees the big picture of what is being built and how the team is progressing towards the sprint goal. Daily Scrum plays a key role in helping the Scrum Team manage the fast delivery of work during every sprint. Please note that Daily Scrum is not a brainstorming and problem-solving session; rather, it is an inspection, synchronization and adaptive planning activity.

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