Video: James Rodrigues Explains Why Shooting for Stars is Not Necessarily a Good Idea

03/16/2019 by James Rodrigues

I have seen time and again that managers want to land a rocket on the moon so they ask the team to reach the stars while thinking that this will at least reach the moon. It is a wrong way of managing people and makes them feel overwhelmed and you may find that what reaches the moon sucks. I prefer to explain to the team our need to reach the moon, our desire to reach further planets and our long term goal to reach the stars and have found that great people not only focus on the moon but enjoy over-achieving and coming back to say they reached Pluto++. This builds a team that enjoys exceeding expectations and I think is the best way to manage a winning team.

James Rodrigues is former Partner Test Director at Microsoft. He is now a founder at Walter Mont Software, specializing on AR/VR with HoloLens.

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