Case Study from Real World Experience: The Real Python

08/06/2019 by Jon Fincher

Case Study - Real Python

I write for a website called, which focuses on providing content and training on the Python programming language. Every writer for the website is remotely located — there are writers on six continents, across many different time zones. So how do we organize our efforts? How do we correct ourselves when we’re headed astray?

Like any good team, communication is key to proper organization and course correction. For our remote team, since we rarely get together physically, technology is key to bringing the group together. The entire team communicates via Slack, our backlog is managed via Trello, and all content is managed on GitHub:

New article ideas are added to the Trello board. Writers who are interested pick them up as they have bandwidth, or sound out who might be interested via our Slack channels.

When an article is and ready for review on GitHub, a notice goes out on Slack, and interested parties pick it up.

Reviews are conducted via comments in the article’s pull request on Github.

If an author or reviewer cannot complete their work, they notify the project managers or the team via Slack, and someone either volunteers or is asked to step in to complete the work.

Without communication technology being available to the team, it’s unlikely we would be able to work together effectively.

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