Case Study from Real World Experience: Diversity on Real Python

04/15/2019 by Jon Fincher

Real World Example - Real Python

As previously mentioned, the Real Python team is comprised of writers and reviewers on six different continents and a variety of time zones. This diverse team helps Real Python create compelling content every week, and the topics range from the very basic to the deeply expert:

How to install Python

How do I use insert editor here with Python?

Comparing Python and Java

Using insert Python library here

Using Flask and Django to write web sites

A deep dive into the CPython interpreter

We have dedicated team members creating video content, artwork for the articles, and even quizzes supporting articles. Some established writers grow to be technical reviewers and mentors for new writers. New writers join the team regularly to write about that which they are passionate, and some stick around to contribute more. There are always more ideas than we have writers to pick up.

The web site has more content than a single person could generate in the same time period. The breadth of subject matter and depth to which it must be researched would challenge even the most dedicated engineer. Having a broad group of writers with a diverse set of interests ensures there is always someone interested in picking up a new article or running with a new idea. The depth of the team is also evident in the depth to which articles are researched and supported.[s]

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