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Suiting their nature, Scrum and Agile worlds present a very dynamic and fast paced landscape. We follow them closely to deliver you the most up-to-date content. As part of our research, we follow the industry and read many news articles. Here we share the most valuable and useful articles with you.

July 2019
Scrum Day India in on Saturday, 20th July, 2019.

The event is to understand and explore the real essence of Agility and moving away from the deception of Agile transformation. We invite all our students from India, and others who can travel.

MAY 2019
6 Signals of Collective Conflict Avoidance

Collective Avoidance is a norm that needs to be thoughtfully and progressively challenged to grow WFT behaviors. Perhaps paradoxically, until a (relatively) stable Team can successfully work through enough uncomfortable situations together (with facilitation), the Team will not achieve enough trust to collaborate effectively.

MAR 2019
Edwin van Andel, Zerocopter CEO: If You Want White Hat Hackers, Teach Your Kids Ethics

(T)his is mostly contributable to the ‘new’ development cycles (scrum/agile). In the old days, you would build software, test it via a pentest, and release it. Then a year later, you would do a version 1.1, have that tested and that was it. Now development teams release updates, patches, and new features every week, and some of our clients even do that multiple times per day. You can’t do a pentest every week. So you need some form of continuous testing.

FEB 2019
Innovative Thinking: Using the “Agile Mindset” to Improve Productivity

In order to implement the Agile mindset, it’s equally important to know the elements of the Agile method as knowing which environments allow Agile thinking to thrive...

JAN 2019
10 Principles for Optimal Engineering Spend, from a CTO

To set up your engineering team for success make sure you employ the fundamentals that companies too often neglect...

JAN 2019
Content Marketing Institute: How to Use Scrum for Content Marketing

Certain Agile concepts and ideas have been part of the content marketing conversation for some time now. Scrum is one concept that’s often part of these conversations. But bundling it with Agile causes all kinds of confusion...

DEC 2018
CMS Wire: How Agile Helps Drive Digital Transformation Forward

Digital transformation represents a fundamental change in how organizations operate. It means creating a company with technology at its core — one that uses the power of today’s technologies to create new forms of business and customer value. Agile provides an excellent framework for digital transformation for two reasons...

DEC 2018
Responsive Advisors: One Shocking Thing Many Agile Coaches Are Getting Wrong

At this point, some of you are thinking, “Taylorism – what’s that?” Please stick around for at least a few more paragraphs. The rest of you are probably thinking, “Oh great… another Agile guy throwing that Taylor name around again.” You should also stick around.

NOV 2018
Business Insider: Help your business thrive through challenging times with Agile

The philosopher Heraclitus observed, "Everything changes and nothing stands still." Although not directed at business leaders, this phrase nevertheless rings true. British business leaders are faced with numerous changes that threaten revenues in 2019...

NOV 2018
itNews: Bankwest shut senior leaders in a vault to agree on agile

Bankwest has revealed how it put 20 of its most influential and senior leaders in an old bank vault to get them onboard with agile and stop blocking its progress...

NOV 2018
Forbes - Management In The Age Of Agile

From Agile-friendly C-suites to new business models, organizations are taking steps to support organizational agility. In fact, according to a Forbes Insights and Scrum Alliance survey, 81% of executives consider agility to be the most important characteristic of a successful organization. For those that succeed at achieving greater agility, respondents cite impressive rewards: faster time to market (60%), faster innovation (59%) and improved non-financial results (58%)...

OCT 2018
Forbes - The Anatomy Of An Excellent Scrum Team

Scrum is a proven framework for product success in organizations, but becoming a truly Agile organization requires much more than just rote implementation of methods and processes. People play a critical role in ensuring the success of projects by meeting aggressive deadlines and stepping up to complex demands. Each individual spearheading a Scrum Team holds one of three main roles...

OCT 2018
Harvard Business Review - Agile at Scale

By now most business leaders are familiar with agile innovation teams. These small, entrepreneurial groups are designed to stay close to customers and adapt quickly to changing conditions. When implemented correctly, they almost always result in higher team productivity and morale, faster time to market, better quality, and lower risk than traditional approaches can achieve...