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In the spirit of open-sourced nature of Scrum, we are offering this copyrighted book to you and the Scrum community on our website for free.

You will also get a 15% discount for ISD, ISM and ISPO certification when you finish the book.

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Our trainers are industry veterans with a lot of know-how and hands-on experience. For example, Jon Fincher has over 20 years of Microsoft experience as Program Manager and has seen it all: Waterfall, Agile and transition between the two.

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Operate successfully in any Scrum team. Recommended for all non-technical Scrum practitioners. 71% of all organizations use Agile approaches.
International Scrum
Catch up with modern software development methodology. Recommended for all developers. 85% of all professional developers use Agile.
International Scrum
Enable your team to realize its full potential. Recommended for all project managers and team leaders. Average salary of an Agile project manager in USA is $90,337 per year.
International Scrum
Product Owner™
Direct what will be developed, shape the future of the product. Recommended for all product managers. Agile projects are 28% more successful than traditional projects.
International Scrum
Train your co-workers or start your own business. Recommended for anyone who wants to grow others and make money by doing so. Agile is the fastest growing project management methodology.
International Agile
Transform your company. Recommended for all senior leaders such as directors, VPs and C-suite executives. 76% of the CEOs planning to use Agile over the next three years.
Our mission is to teach Scrum to the world.
You will save 15% on ISD, ISTM, ISM and ISPO certifications when you read our free Scrum Mastery book.

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Did You Know?

More than 85% of all professional developers use Agile. That's more than Python and Java combined! (Source: StackOverflow 2018 Developer Survey)
Average salary of an Agile project manager in USA is $90,337 per year. (Source: Glassdoor)
Average salary of an Agile software developer in USA is $103,588. (Source: Payscale)
71% of all organizations use Agile approaches. (Source: PMI)

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Just Imagine

Are you working for a company that creates or operates software? Are you preparing for the next step in your career? Do you want to be successful in tech market? If yes, then you are at the right place at the right time. Most people in your circumstances are now investing in their career by learning Scrum.

Let me help.

My name is Abraham White. I’m the co-founder and managing director at International Scrum Assembly™. Our goal is to help you acquire the most essential skills that you need to take your career to the next level. International Scrum Assembly™ has helped over 421,800* students worldwide to achieve their career goals.

Just imagine how things will be when you have your dream job or when you get the promotion that you have been preparing for. The good news is that we have comprehensive training you can complete at your own pace to give you all the skills you need to get your dream job! We have students from top tech companies all around the world and our Scrum certificates are valid in 195 countries. We provide you with the unique opportunity to learn Scrum easily at your own pace and prove officially to your employers.

Simply browse all great offerings and opportunities that we meticulously created for you. If you have any questions at any point during your training and certification, feel free to reach out to us at One of my colleagues will respond to you within 24 hours. I welcome you to our family on behalf of International Scrum Assembly™. Cheers.

Abraham White
Co-founder and managing director

About Us

International Scrum Assembly™ is a Seattle - United States based organization. Its founders witnessed early days of Agile movement in 2000s at Microsoft and experienced its powers first hand. ISA is a consortium of accreditors, Scrum trainers, professionals and volunteers. Together, we provide comprehensive Scrum training and a stress-free certification experience for our students.

  • We have the highest quality training available. The biggest difference is that our training covers international teams, a reality of today's world, whereas other organizations assume collocated teams. This is a result of our unparalleled advisory board.
  • We are rated at 4.6 stars (out of 5) by our students for the best training and certification experience.
  • We bring the Scrum Training and Certification experience at the convenience of your home. You can study at your own pace and truly learn Scrum. Our exam is open book, and our pass rate is 95%.
  • Upon certification, in addition to your PDF certificate with QR code, we also issue OpenBadges, seal your name in Ethereum, let you post to LinkedIn with ease.
  • We are certified MS partners (id: #5365975).
  • We are open sourced and affordable. We also give back to community with Seedling Grant.
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Our Advisory Board

Our goal is offering you the best service possible. That's why we consult with the best minds in the world.

Cameron Etazadi
Deputy CTO, Chief Architect
SAP Concur
Rithika Baruah
General Manager
Kellogg Tolaram South Africa
Erick Vilela
Solutions Architect
Derya Sel
Project Executive
Fernando Serrano
Director HR
Gautam Thapar
Group Product Manager

Latest News & Articles

Retrospective on Retrospectives (Alexandru Ilinca on 12/18/2020)

First retrospectives were very cold. It was like robots were talking "beep, boop, I can increase my productivity if my parameters are checked hourly, over" We were all introverts, awkward people. We were good at our jobs, but communication wasn't our greatest skill, it wasn't a skill at all. 

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How Scrum teams can thrive remotely? (Paulene Duque on 05/05/2020)

Teams from all over the world were caught off guard when the pandemic, COVID-19 broke in. It brought a scare not just to the economy but how businesses and teams collaborate. Most of the countries affected were brought to a lockdown, enforcing people to stay within the confines of their homes until everything is resolved. While this posed as a challenge for most businesses and teams, it has been evident that in the past five years, working from home or remote work has been both an option and alternative for business continuity. The question is - are teams prepared for it?

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Why does my team miss sprint deadlines? 3 most common reasons explained. (Stanley Ang on 09/22/2019)

Have you ever felt that you have more tasks than you have time? Or that your customers are always at your back chasing for something to be delivered? How about needing to work extra hours and even on the weekends just to meet deadlines? When things like these happen, it affects the employees, the customers, and the organization.

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I Already Empowered My Team… Why Are They Still Not Talking? (Stanley Ang on 09/07/2019)

For companies that have transformed themselves to having open communication without judgement, it is a big step forward. But with some studies made in the past 5 years, these companies that promoted open communications still had a common problem, which brings us to the question: why are their employees still not talking even though they have empowered them in their work?

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Retrospective on Retrospectives (Alexandru Ilinca on 08/31/2019)

One of my favorite frame of discussion regarding ceremonies is Retrospective. It has clear intention and powerful benefits. You have the opportunity to stop and take a look at where you are. Did we run in a good direction? Are we still on the right path? Everybody knows people are different. Also, everybody knows that there are extroverts and introverts. It is known that extroverts get their energy interacting with people, introverts are beings that relax and energize with themselves. So how does a retrospective work when you have introverts in your team? Is it possible for them to survive? 

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Did You Know?

76% of the CEOs planning to use Agile over the next three years. (Source: KPMG)
93% of communications service providers use Agile project management methodologies. (Source: Gartner)
Agile projects are 28% more successful than traditional projects. (Source: PwC)

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Scrum is how software is built today.

Learn principles and dynamics of modern teams by mastering Scrum Framework and how to apply it in your daily job (or interviews) with our free book.


Scrum is needed to function in an agile environment.

Acquire essential skills to effectively operate in a diverse Scrum Team and work with other stakeholders such as Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner.


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Scrum is the international language of project management adopted by all successful tech companies. We teach you how to use this common language proficiently in the convenience of your own home and at your own pace!

We are on a mission

We are on a Mission

Nolan Bushnell, the founder of Atari, came up with an aphorism: “All the best games are easy to learn and difficult to master.

Take Guitar Hero as an example. You can learn it today; it is as simple as matching notes that scroll on-screen to colored fret buttons on the controller. But if you want to master it, then you have to learn things like how to strum in both directions, timing of the hammer-ons, using your Star Power, and most important of all, you have to learn how to play well with your bandmates. What you need is practice, practice, and practice!

Take football as another example. You can learn it today; it is as simple as moving the ball towards the opposition’s end-zone/goal. But if you want to master it, then you have to learn things like passing, shielding, tackling, shooting, and most important of all, you have to learn how to play well with your teammates. What you need is practice, practice, and more practice!

Scrum is no different. You can learn Scrum today; fundamentals of Scrum are so simple and common sense that anyone can learn it quickly and effectively. But if you want to master it, then you have to learn how to apply Scrum Framework in a real work environment, deliver a real project with real deadlines, and most important of all, you have to learn how to work well with your co-workers. What you need is practice, practice, and more practice!

Then, why does Scrum require high prices in thousands of dollars and extensive time commitment for training and certification? The fact is, there is no good reason at all — other than companies making a profit out of your hopes and dreams for a better career.

International Scrum Assembly™ is founded to address this problem.

We are on a mission to open-source Scrum training and certification so that;  first, you learn easily at your own pace and the comfort of your own home; second, you prove officially that you obtained it without breaking the bank; third, you practice on the job so that you can truly master it.

With this mission in mind,

  • We developed high-quality training material that teaches you the core of Scrum, and we offer it for free. In fact, we incentivize our readers by giving them 15% discount on certification.
  • We developed practice exam questions that prepare you for the official exam, and we offer for free.
  • Finally, we developed accredited certification programs, and we priced them as low as possible.

We believe Scrum is good for our planet; as more people can afford Scrum training & certification, more projects, and more companies, and more countries will benefit from the time-proven effectiveness of Agile and Scrum framework. This way, together, we make our planet a better place.

Will you support this mission? Here is how:

- Join 28,925 signatories.
Contact us - Learn more on how you can partner with us in your country.
- Share with your friends and followers


We love to hear from you. Our beloved students of Scrum:
Please share your testimonials with us, and get a 25% discount for your next certificate exam.
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Hi everyone. My name is Nathan Andersen. Synergies Coordinator C.E. at All American Architectural Arts, LLC. Going into this I did not know pretty much about Scrum, which is a term I had heard thrown around in the product management world. I learned quickly that applying the agile framework to my area of business can be highly beneficial in laying the groundwork for projects. It allows us to kind of setup the project work more fluently and being able to fix problems on the fly. I've quickly learned that the ideologies of being a Certified Scrum Master aligns very well with being a Lean SIx Sigma Black Belt Professional, which I apply daily in my field of work. I want to personally thank the International Scrum Assembly for allowing me to do this without spending thousands of dollars and allow me further my education and paving my path to brighter future.

Nathan Andersen
Synergies Coordinator C.E. at All American Architectural Arts LLC, International Scrum Master

Hi, This is Giannis from Greece. Currently I am 25 years old. I have followed one bachelor's degree in chemistry and then master'ss degree in Economics and Business. Now I am participating in second master's degree. I do believe in the time of rising challanges I do believe that upscaling is the only option. Scrum Master certifications and Scrum Master is a thing. Involves how think and act and thrive in a changing world. Scrum Assembly offers a unique experience for those who wants to participate in the business sector. Informative and educational material for International Scrum Team Member, Scrum Master and Product Owner. Congrats again ISA and keep up the good work.

Giannis Kalpakidis
International Scrum Master, International Scrum Team Member

See, I've been a scrum team member and backups for master for about two years. I really thought that my experience had prepared me to ace the scrum master certification exam without really having to take the class. So I took a sample, went online and found out I was wrong. So I was looking for online material that I could study with and and prepare for the certification exam and I found that they were all pretty expensive and I was unemployed at the time, but I kept digging and I found Scrum Assembly. Scrum Assembly believes that the training shouldn't be so expensive for people. The certifications shouldn't be so expensive so they make the training free and they have the certification exams at a very reasonable price. I studied the Scrum Master material and passed first time, so then I studied the scrum product owner materials and pass that also. And I found that I'd actually been doing about 70% of the product owner's job this whole time and I didn't even know it. Knowing this, however, makes me much more confident and comfortable applying for positions for scrum master and scrum product owner. Thank you Scrum Assembly for making this possible for me and for making the materials so inexpensive. If anyone else wants to scrum master certifications that they can afford, look for Thank you.

Nancy Cortese
IT and Training Specialist, Business Analyst, International Scrum Master, International Scrum Product Owner

Other Recent Testimonials

Hello, this is Jonas Perusquia Morales from Mexico. Agile, and more specifically Scrum, is very useful for any organization or team that want to deliver value faster without losing quality. For one, Agile came to reconfigure the project management tools and frameworks for the new requirements of the digital era. I really recommend anyone to learn Scrum and apply it in any project no matter if it's software or not. I really have found Scrum and International Scrum Assembly to be great allies in this new era where anyone can do anything, but the values and skills combined with the frameworks and tools make you outsand over any problem and anyone else.

Jonás Perusquía Morales. International Scrum Developer

Hello, my name is Brian McCloskey and I am currently an independent consultant in management systems. I am a Professional Engineer and have over 40 years as a Project and Engineering Manager. I have seen and embraced the switch in focus from older styles of management to the newer Agile techniques. I have applied many of these in Sprint and Scrum type modes but was seeking a way of getting certified that would not take months and cost thousands of dollars. I had ISA recommended by a colleague and found it had a remarkably simple, totally on-line approach that absolutely matched my requirements. I wish to recommend ISA to anyone seeking certification as the simplest and most user friendly approach I have ever encountered.

Brian McCloskey. International Scrum Master

I am very happy to have discovered Scrum Assembly. The platform is easy to use and the courses well written. The Scrum product owner exam at this price is incredible. I highly recommend this site.

Sylvester Thomas. International Scrum Master

The course materials were very simple and the language lucid for even the high school graduate to understand in such much that I read the contents every day to gain the utmost understanding of them. The examples were very clear with on the job experience, the layout of the material is perfect, sequential and a logical step by step process. The examination is one of a kind as there is a provision for student to refresh their memory (that is if you what to) whilst attempting the questions. It also makes for breaks, save you work and to continue where you left off without any disruption. On the whole the experience is superior and worth doing over and over again, the manual is on top of my desk as I can just pick it up during my free time and read. I will definitely recommend this course to anyone wishing to study . for International Scrum Master certification as I can now apply the knowledge gain to any place of work.

Linda Dingong. International Scrum Product Owner

I'm Pamela from Cameroon, I found this course really interesting and it's was a great experience for me

Pamela Etoundi. International Scrum Product Owner

I have worked for 10years as a developer and in part of those years, I have worked with organisations that have gone agile and I heard a lot about scrum, scrum roles, sprints, sprint planning and review but I just went with the flow. I got my tasks done as a developer but really never understood scrum or the role of a scrum developer within the team. January 2021, I took on the challenge to learn and scrumassembly provided that platform and training free. I also utilised the promo, sat for the certification once and passed because I had the best training reading on scrumassembly’s website. Now, I am well equipped as a scrum developer.

Isaac Awonugba. International Scrum Master

My name is Jairo Garcia, developer for a Software Development company. It is important to share the experience regarding the Scrum certification because of the importance it has today, for its application in many aspects of life, likewise my experience was pleasant learning new techniques that will undoubtedly serve a lot in my area to put in practice. The content provided is easy to understand. Hopefully it will continue to grow as professionals.

Jairo Garcia. International Scrum Product Owner

Hello everyone, I currently work as an independent consultant, and I agree with a lot of the testimonies of other colleagues, where one believed that I knew everything and doing this course, I realized that it was not so, that I There was a lot to learn. Thanks to this I was able to take the course and obtain my certificate, I thank Scrum Assembly for the training and for making me open my head, seeing those things that I used everyday and in a wrong way. Today with this certification I feel much safer to face new challenges with new clients.

Juan Carlos Cortes Lain. International Scrum Master

ISA is a great place to get certified as a scrum master in terms of the friendly user interface, comprehensive free materials, affordable fees and the methods of certificate verification. I will not stop at my achieved ISM certificate but will go further to grab the product owner and excutive ones.

Fawzi Khalifa. International Scrum Master

Hi, This is Ahmed Khan from Pakistan. I did my bachelor's degree in engineering and then master's degree in Project Management. I do believe in the time of rising challanges I do believe that upscaling is the only option also I wanted this isolation time as much productive, covid-19 lock-down can be creative and productive while being at home, so I tried to get myself a chance to learn & seek new skills. Delivery project in waterfall methodology my whole career, I opted for Agile framework & Scrum Master certifications and Scrum Master is a thing. Involves how think and act and thrive in a changing world. Scrum Assembly offers a unique experience for those who wants to understand, how Projects deliver in iterative/incremental methodology for International Scrum Team Member, Scrum Master and Product Owner. Congrats again ISA and keep up the good work but you have helped me in my learning. Thumbs Up!

Ahmed Sami Khan. International Scrum Master

I found both training and taking the exam presented in a very friendly way. I was encouraged to learn and to explore Agile project management.

Andrei Chesler. International Scrum Master

I'm a technical project manager for EAI middleware for some years now and was looking to put my Scrum knowledge to the test. Getting prepared for the exam was really a great experience for me in the International Scrum Assembly, as the training offered by them, for free, was detailed enough and matched the quality of other high quality certification courses. The exam ask the right questions to validate your agile drive in both theory and real life situations.

Ayub Shaik. International Scrum Master

Hi, my name is Mariam and I am from Armenia. I am working as a project manager for already 5 years. For last two years, I am working as a scrum master and for that, I needed to enrich my knowledge of scrum so I did research found dozens of article, lessons, websites which were provided with certificates. I chose the Scrum Assembly. Why?! Let's see: 1st the very convenient price for certificate. And believe me, this is a very important point both for beginners and experienced scrum masters. 2nd free training that is divided and explained so perfectly that you can easily learn everything by yourself and be sure that will understand Scrum from A to Z. 3rd you can take a practice exam again for free and see how well you learned the lessons. And as in one of the lessons is said you need to invest in yourself so others can see your advantages. Being a certified scrum master gives another level of confidence and for sure gives you knowledge with which you can manage the scrum team in the best way possible. Thank you Scrum Assembly for making me a certified scrum master!

Mariam Chtchyan. International Scrum Master

It is rare to find an organization to clearly state that the goal of taking an exam is to reaffirm one's learning. International Scrum Assembly does exactly that; courses are offered online, and the focus is on ensuring that the learner passes the exam with the right knowledge, rather than making it difficult for the learner. Thank you!

A.J. Rusli. International Scrum Master

Hello! My name is Serghei Druta and I currently work as Project Manager for a Software Development company. I found many opportunities on the market that required Scrum Master Certificate. Thanks Google, my search brought me to Scrum Assembly site that provided me with very comprehensive material and training and I passed the exam without any problems. Great work, guys! Serghei Druta, Project Manager and Scrum Master

Serghei Druta, International Scrum Master

Hi everyone! I'm Dawid Jóźwiak and I have initially found about the International Scrum Assembly by searching for a complex Agile methodology training on the Internet, and I was looking for Scrum knowledge in particular. Agile is a very effective way of flexible management that bolsters employee satisfaction and production efficiency, unlike what was presented for many years by the previous rigid management systems. In Agile, and in Scrum, nothing is set in stone and everything is subject to elastic changes, comparing it to a rubber band of project management - it adjusts to the task that you put on it. International Scrum Assembly provides a comprehensive book on the topic, covering everything from team members, through developers, scrum masters, product owners and ending at the trainer level - everybody will be able to find their fit, and even the team member certificate provides more than enough knowledge on the matter to quickly become a senior in the field who knows what they're talking about, as long as they read the book to the fullest and know how to adapt it to the Agile mindset. I am an IT specialist in a company that has already applied the Agile framework to their business model, and in my free time I'm also a private community owner, and I can clearly see the benefits of thinking the Agile way both in business and in person. I recommend International Scrum Assembly as a fair-priced and comprehensive way of learning Agile and Scrum.

Dawid Jóźwiak, International Scrum Master

Hello, I am Saurav Dugar from Nepal, and ISA is the best platform to get certified. We get here free study materials, free test exam and main thing is that it's very easy to understand. Study materials are written in very simple language and available in many different languages as well as we get free test exam due to can be ready for final exam. Getting certified is very important for every scrum master because it gives us confidence and new opportunities. I'll recommended every scrum learner to get certified from International Scrum Assembly. Thank you.

Saurav Dugar, International Scrum Master

I love to study at the comfort of my home and would like to take exams online without the need to travel . I liked your course and it is very good and in detail and helped to pass all 3 of your certifications (International Scrum Master, International Scrum Developer and the international Scrum Product Owner) at a minimal cost. Now I am certified in all 3 thanks a lot for that. Appreciated your effort and keep up the good work. Thanks!

Nagarajan.S, International Scrum Product Owner

International Scrum Assembly has provide me an opportunity in enhancing and showcasing my skills in Scrum frame-work which has given me great confidence in doing my duties as a Scrum Master in my organization. I really thank International Scrum Assembly for this wonderful opportunity.

Renju Peter, International Scrum Master

It's not just getting certified but it's our Journey towards new path, helping to understand Scrum and getting applied to our daily schedule providing equal platform towards international level certification.

Ravi Kishan Paliwal, International Scrum Master

Scrum Assembly has very user friendly platform, clean, efficient, with usefull courses for Scrum certification. I found the topics very resourceful and practical, helping me to pass the exam easily. The prices for certification are very reasonable, so I strongly recommend Scrum Assembly as best value for money provider to all future Scrum students. I plan to continue with certification on other topics Scrum Assembly offers in future.

Ilija Popjanev, International Scrum Master

I have been practicing Scrum framework as Product Owner for several years in different projects and naturally I already had general knowledge of the Scrum key principles and methods. And after several years a question about formal certification arose. Given that Scrum principles are relatively simple, in particular in comparison to the PMP Knowledge Book, I strongly believe that the price about a thousand dollars on other certification web sites is really artificial and I was very much happy to find out an authority who charges reasonable 80$ for the Scrum certification. Besides the price, I have found the learning materials on very well shortened to the necessary essentials, with references to Wikipedia on some particular topics so people could dig deeper into a topic when/if they need it according to their past practices. Simple but full of necessary functions is your web site as a whole, fox ex. the User Account area. I was surprised and really enjoyed the possibility to seal my newly obtained certificate with the Ethereum blockchain ! That's really hot and rare on the web, thanks ! The practicing (sample) exams are also made smart, with direct links and popups to the learning materials. I would recommend as 200% satisfactory ! Thanks and kindest regards to the Team.

Serge Sushkov Evdoshenko, International Scrum Product Owner

Greetings everyone, I am Kunwar Ritesh Singh with over 15 years of experience in varied industries and currently working as a PTP transformation & Solution consultant. Agile Disruption & Continuous Next is the only constant which can take you & your organisation miles and hence up-skilling oneself is vital to remain competent in the world of new normal. ISA is a great place to get certified as a scrum master in terms of the friendly user interface, comprehensive free materials, affordable fees and the methods of certificate verification. Becoming a Certified Scrum Master can significantly expand your career opportunities. It also equips you with the right skills needed to contribute to organizational change and fulfilling the business's goals. It also proves that you have an agile mindset, that is advantageous to your organization. Thank you Scrum Assembly for making me a certified scrum master! I recommend International Scrum Assembly as a fair-priced and comprehensive way of learning Agile and Scrum.

Kunwar Ritesh Singh, International Scrum Product Owner

The material is relevant and with the right amount of detail to convey the point. A scrum master for 7+ years I found the International Scrum Assembly when looking for certification to validate that I in fact was supporting the implementation of scrum appropriately. The material proved to be a very effective review and I now have certifications as both scrum master and product owner!

Darin Brox, International Scrum Product Owner

My first experience in taking online training then certification for ISM from ISA is that it is very well / clearly written such that easy to follow and understand. Cost wise it is very competitive and more affordable relative to other providers. Congratulation ISA!

Soegeng Priyono, International Scrum Master

I'm a technical project manager & Software Developer for MGH Group IT Divisions for some years now and was looking to put my Scrum knowledge to the test. Getting prepared for the exam was really a great experience for me in the International Scrum Assembly, as the training offered by them, for free, was detailed enough and matched the quality of other high quality certification courses. The exam ask the right questions to validate your agile drive in both theory and real life situations.

Ashraful Kabir Senior Manager MGH GROUP. International Scrum Master

Hi, it was a great experience for me. I don't speak english very well, so it was a double challenge. However the material is very easy to understad and proved to be a very effective tool and now I have my certification in scrum master! Now, my new challenge is to have certification in product owner. I am going to go for it!

Osyalit Torres. International Scrum Master

Seedling fund offering growth.

NEWAnnouncing the "Seedling Grant"

We are now giving scholarship for International Scrum Master Certification Program to 10 students every month!

We believe that Scrum is good for the world. We helped many students to build their careers on it –ourselves included. Our passion is to share this goodness with as many people as possible.

“I need experience to find a job, but I need a job to get that experience.”

Does that sound familiar? Are you a new graduate facing with this chicken-or-the-egg problem that we once faced? If yes, getting a Scrum certificate can help you. We want to help you get there!

If you are:

  • You are currently a student or graduated from college within the last 6 months.
  • Currently unemployed
  • Cannot afford our prices

Reach out to us at Our team will review the applications and randomly pick 10 qualified students every month for a full scholarship!

Scrum Team Players Needed. Now.

All successful companies are either already using Scrum and Agile principles, or they are looking for team members who can take them there. Do not delay your education. You can learn Scrum today and earn a certificate to show that you did.

SP 500 companies that use Scrum and need Scrum masters.

Interviews Are Easy If You Are Prepared.

We gathered interview experiences from our alumni to show how you can use your Scrum training and certification in a real interview setting to land your dream job.

Here is How

Latest News on Scrum

News and Articles
November 2019
Boeing Scrum Master Job Opening

As Scrum master you will be the guardian of Scrum Team, someone that resolves impediments and have influence over the scrum processes. Everything from coaching team about agile scrum, facilitating the scrum ceremonies, releasing potentially shippable software.

November 2019
Agile Project Manager / Scrum Master

Dashlane is looking to add an Agile Project Manager / Scrum master to its New York office to support our teams in reaching their objectives and performing at their highest levels.

October 2019
Scrum Master Fatigue

I liken this ‘Scrum Master Fatigue’ to the 1980’s NES game Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out.